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How often can I reorder?

You can order a Jase Case annually for each person in your household that meets our requirements. You can order an additional Jase Case to keep at a different location. This will allow you to order up to 4 full Jase cases per year, per person, providing they are kept at different locations. Order now.

Replenishments: You are able to replenish medications that have been used within 365 days of purchase, these will be verified by the physician that they were used in an appropriate manner. This is at the physician’s discretion. 

You may purchase a one year supply of each of your medications that we carry.  We are unable to offer more than a one year supply-even if you have multiple locations. You may purchase these annually after 365 days have passed since your previous purchase. If you have any questions on when you will be eligible to reorder daily medications, please reach out to our customer service team. Order now.