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How do I add on Ivermectin or other add-on products?

Add-on products can be added to the Jase Case purchase at checkout. If you are a 1st time purchaser, you MUST order a Jase Case in order to purchase any add-on items. If you have purchased a Jase Case in the past, you are eligible to purchase standalone add-on products. If this is your situation, start a Jase Case order and use your same email and information as your 1st order. You should be offered a screen with REPLENISHMENT REASON. If you want to purchase a 2nd Jase Case + any add-ons, choose the 4th option “I am going to keep another medication supply at a different location.” If you would like to ONLY purchase an add-on medication, select the 1st option, “I am only ordering new add-on medications today”. You’ll then input the desired add-on medication and proceed through the order process. You can view a list of add-on medications here: jasemedical.com/pricing

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