June is Mens Health Month – Men, Take Charge of Your Health!

Jun 13, 2023 | Blogpost, Health

June is Mens Health Month – Men, Take Charge of Your Health!
June is Mens Health Month – Men, Take Charge of Your Health!

In 1994 legislation was passed to observe, Men’s Health Week, which starts the week before and includes Fathers Day. The purpose of Men’s Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. Soon after Mens Health Week was passed, legislation to observe the month of June as International Mens Health Month was passed.

Why a Mens Health Week/Month?

Men are less likely than women to follow through with preventative screenings that could be lifesaving. The two leading causes of death in men across all races and origins are heart disease and cancer, according to a 2021 CDC report. Nearly one quarter of deaths in men are due to heart disease, and one in 5 is due to cancer. Other leading causes of death are Covid 19, accidents, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis.

Men: (CDC statistics)

  • 2% of men aged 18 and over in fair or poor health (2021)
  • 9% of men aged 18 and over who had five or more drinks in 1 day at least once in the past year.
  • 3% of men aged 18 and over who met the 2018 federal physical activity guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity.
  • 9% (2015-2018) of men aged 20 and over with hypertension (measured high blood pressure and/or taking antihypertensive medication)

Reasons men don’t have regular checkups

A 2019 Cleveland Clinic survey highlights reasons that men don’t seek medical care. In addition to traditional masculine roles (just tough it out), only 50% of men surveyed consider having regular checkups as a part of taking care of themselves. Over half- 61% would be more likely to see a healthcare provider if it was more convenient. –  virtual visits, scheduling appointments outside of work hours. In addition, 46% of men are most uncomfortable talking to their doctors about sex-related concerns.

Early intervention saves lives-

Check out this downloadable PDF of checkup and screening guidelines for men.

Even if you don’t feel sick, it is important to have regular checkups. Play an active role in your health.

  • High blood pressure, dubbed “the silent killer”, is a precursor to many heart related diseases. High blood pressure can present with no symptoms until a heart attack or stroke reveals the underlying cause. Not having regular checkups can put a man at risk.
  • In addition, cancer screenings, especially prostate cancer is easily treatable when caught early.
  • Along with early intervention, maintaining strong relationships with family, friends and social networks provides a buffer from the stressors of life. Stress, especially chronic stress has been linked to a rising incidence in cancer (reduces NK-natural killer cells in immune system), hardening of the arteries leading to atherosclerosis, diabetes, and psychiatric illnesses.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you smoke and are having a hard time stopping, talk with your doctor about strategies and medications that may help.
  • Regular exercise= 30 minutes daily, along with a healthy diet can dramatically reduce many chronic diseases, especially heart disease.
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Maintain or if overweight get to a healthy weight. Talk with your healthcare provider for guidance if you are overweight.
  • Don’t let your medication supply run out. Keep well stocked up on lifesaving medications and consider Jase Daily for a year’s supply of chronic medications. The recent drug shortages and supply chain disruptions we are currently experiencing aren’t going away anytime soon.

- Brooke Lounsbury, RN

Medical Content Writer

Lifesaving Medications

Everyone should be empowered to care for themselves and their loved ones during the unexpected.

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June is Mens Health Month – Men, Take Charge of Your Health!

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