I live outside of a rural town where the only pharmacy often needs 24 hours notice to order prescriptions including antibiotics so we typically drive an hour to a larger town in order to prevent delays to starting medical treatments.

I ordered a kit for myself and my children. I have medical conditions and medications which I take and Jase’s doctor asked me questions to make sure that he prescribed meds which work for my situation. He told me that there was a possible interaction with one of the antibiotics and a medication that I’ve been taking for 20 years; I’ve been prescribed that antibiotic many times by my primary care doctor and never given that warning! My daughter and I have medication allergies and our prescriptions were filled by a different pharmacy than my son’s. the packaging from the 2 pharmacies is a little different, but it was nice to know that orders which need something different than their standard pack are getting that special care.

We will still see our primary care doctor, but it’s nice to know that we have medication in the house and don’t have to worry about whether the local pharmacy can get it. And I was impressed with the questions that the doctor asked me and their educating me about interactions which I should have been aware of years ago but no one else had mentioned.

KidCase now has Rx Dexamethasone (for Croup and Asthma) added at no extra cost!