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Looking for the Most Complete Medical Kit? Look No Further

As Jase continues to make waves in the medical preparedness community, we have historically been on the cutting edge of customer service, medication selection and innovation, delivering the highest quality product to our valued customers.

Jase Daily, launched last year, was a pivotal turn in our preparedness model for our patients. By providing a years’ worth of chronic medications for our patients, we provide a buffer from the ongoing supply chain disruptions and drug shortages.

We aren’t stopping there. Over the coming months, we will be adding more products and services to our already extensive medical line of products.  

Jase Medical continues to lead.

Some of the ways we continue to serve you and your family with your medical preparedness needs are:


Our Jase Case carries enough antibiotics for a bioterror event. Bioterrorism is defined as deliberate release of bioweapons to cause death or disease. They may be developed or used as part of a government policy in biological warfare or by terrorist groups or criminals. This is a very real threat as we move through 2024 and beyond. Doxycycline is the first line of antibiotics usually given in the event of a bioterrorism event. Anthrax, for example, is a widely known bioterror agent. The dose and course of treatment recommended is 100 mg, 1 tablet every 12 hours for 60 days. That works out to 120 tablets. Our Jase Case contains 120 of the 100 mg tablets. We are the only medical preparedness group that delivers that kind of protection.

Add on medications to customize your kit

Add medications tailored to your unique needs and situation. We continue to add to our formulary. Our selection of cases provides the most common medications for each situation.

For instance, our Traveler kit contains medication for giardia (a very common parasite), bioterrorism, urinary tract infections, and more. This well-equipped case can be rounded out with specific medications according to where your travels may take you. From motion sickness meds, pain relievers, allergy, and asthma medications (including epi pens), and even cream for common rashes; are just of few of the medications you can add to your kit.

Take a look at the Student Kit. This would make a valuable addition for the back-to-school college student in your family.

Protect you and your family from drug shortages with Jase Daily

Turn your computer/phone/pad on and it is glaringly obvious that our world is changing. And not for the better. Severe weather (record breaking cold, earthquakes, tornadoes), global supply disruptions, the threat of imminent war, energy grid failure, cyberattacks have and will continue to unfold over the coming months. We are only halfway through January and our world has witnessed record breaking cold, terror attacks overseas, grid down events, like the one that recently happened over the weekend in the Seattle area (cause still not being disclosed) when natural gas lines went offline, threatening millions lives. We are only one event away from drug, medical supply and societal collapse. With a years supply of lifesaving medications that Jase Daily delivers, you can be assured that you and your family will be able to weather the coming storms as we move through 2024.

Place your trust in the original antibiotic kit

As Jase Medical enters its 4th year, we continue to uphold the integrity, value, and hard work of our team. Our highly qualified, board certified doctors and pharmacists and dedicated customer service team are here to assure you receive your medications as quickly as possible. Our high standards are unmet anywhere in the medical preparedness field. This is reflected in our exceptional customer reviews, citing outstanding customer service, prompt delivery and professionalism of our team. We continue to strive to make Jase even better, as we roll out ore products in the coming months. With the After Pay feature, you are assured that you can be covered for any emergency now, not in the future.

- Brooke Lounsbury, RN

Medical Content Writer

Lifesaving Medications

Everyone should be empowered to care for themselves and their loved ones during the unexpected.

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