Why Do People Want a 12-Month Supply of Their Prescription Medications?

The Importance of Timely Antibiotic Intervention

There are a lot of things we like to stock up on: pressure-canned fruits and vegetables, canned goods at the grocery store. (“Two for a dollar?! I need another cart!”), soaps and cleaners . . .

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And toilet paper! Oh yes!

But stock up on prescription medicines for months on end?

Well, that’s what some people are doing. A lot of you who are reading this are doing it. In fact, at the risk of bragging, we are proud to state that we have over 900 five-star Google reviews.

That’s not bad at all for a prescription supply service that helps those in need to get up to a 12-month supply of their prescription medication. If you haven’t already check out Jase Daily.

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But if you are new here – why are people doing this?

It may seem odd to you that some people do this, but it makes perfect sense in a not so perfect world. The need to have emergency prescription medicines on hand, for example, is a permanent item on their worry list.

That’s for a good reason. There has been, and still are, shortages of some medicines. There are 309 ongoing drug shortages in the US. The highest in nearly a decade. (References marked 1 and 2 at the end of the article.)

It’s not just worrisome, it’s downright scary.

The other reasons listed below are probably what you have been thinking about:

Living in Hurricane-Prone States

  • There are over 60 million people living in hurricane-prone states. If you are one of them, you’ve probably seen the empty shelves in the grocery stores. Although it is frustrating, there is an instinct in us to gather all the resources we can for survival. That includes prescription medicines.

Extended Travel

  • Traveling for weeks on end is another reason for wanting more of their medicines at hand. It’s having that peace of mind when traveling outside our country.

The Possibility of Another Virus Coming Into Our Homes Uninvited

  • We just never know. One day we wake up, turn on the news, and …
    But there has been so, so, so much talk on the coronavirus that it’s like beating a dead horse, so let’s just leave it at that, and move on.

No Explanation. They Just Want to Be Prepared

  • Then there are those who can’t explain why they want a reserve. It’s just having that peace of mind in knowing that they have extra at their reach.

If you think about it, under certain circumstances, it is reasonable to want to have the right meds the moment you need them. Because we don’t know what tomorrow holds. 

It can be discouraging when a doctor gives you that look, the roll of the eyes, when you tell them you would like to have a bigger supply of your meds.

You know what we mean?

You might have felt like walking on eggshells when asking. The atmosphere in the office changed. You felt like an addict asking for more medicine. It can be downright stressful.

Although some doctors will give up to a sixty-day supply, many, many more will not. It can be discouraging when a doctor gives you that look, the roll of the eyes, when you tell them that you would like more of your meds for reserve. It can be a bit of a sticky situation asking them for more. Quite often it’s just a matter of being straightforward and honest with the doctors, along with knowing and understanding what they can and cannot do.

Whatever reason you may have for wanting up to a 12-month supply, we can help.

“Should I feel shame or guilt for wanting to do this?”

Absolutely, positively no! Many of you are on multiple prescriptions due to heredity alone. You can’t help it. That’s just the way it is. You take it one day at a time, the best way you can.

We’d like you to take those days with us, one day at a time.

If you have questions, we’ll try to have the answers for you.

Appropriately named: answers@jasemedical.com

Or you can send us a few rings at (888) 522-6912

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We’ll be here.

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