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Massive Cyberattack Takes Down Pharmacies Worldwide

Next time we may not be so lucky.

United Health group learned Wednesday of a cyber security threat  that had accessed some of their information technology systems. Change Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest health-care technology companies and a subsidiary of United Health group reported a network interruption that included systems used by pharmacies to file coverage claims with health insurers. Change Healthcare first noticed the “cyber security issue” Wednesday morning affecting the East Coast.

United Health group said Thursday that the situation has been isolated and is working diligently to restore systems and resume normal operations as soon as possible. According to an email, when the cybersecurity issue was identified, they took immediate action to disconnect systems to prevent further impact.

United Health group has launched a new website to provide updates as information comes available.

There is no publicly available report on the origin or nature of the cybersecurity issue.

All military pharmacies and some retail pharmacies affected.

The Naval Hospital Camp Pendelton posted on X (formerly Twitter):

“Due to an ongoing enterprise-wide issue, all Camp Pendleton and associated pharmacies are unable to process any prescription claims. We are only able to assist patients with emergency and urgent prescriptions from hospital providers at this time. Please visit our website for info.”

The website states:

“On Feb. 21, Change Healthcare disconnected their systems to protect patient information. This is impacting all military pharmacies worldwide and some retail pharmacies nationally.

 Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton and associated pharmacies will provide outpatient prescriptions through a manual procedure until this issue is resolved. Priority will be given to urgent prescriptions followed by routine prescriptions as manning and resources allow.”

As of this writing, there are no updates.

Walgreens, CVS minimally affected.

Rhode Island -based CVS pharmacy reported some of their business operations were affected but there was no indication their systems had been compromised.

“We’re continuing to fill prescriptions, but in certain cases we are not able to process insurance claims, which our business continuity plan is addressing to ensure patients continue to have access to their medications,” the company said in a statement to the Star Tribune.

Walgreens has faced “no real impact,” Marty Maloney, a senior manager for media relations said in an email.

“Our pharmacy operations, and the vast majority of prescriptions are not being impacted by this third-party issue,” he said. Walgreens said it would work to fill delayed prescriptions quickly.

A wake-up call

Order your Jase Daily  prescriptions today. This one-year supply of your medications will buffer the effects of the next cyberattack. Be sure to order all the medications you need for all your family members. You never know when the next cyberattack will hit. And once it hits, it could be months before systems are functioning and prescription refills will be processed. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

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